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Make Magic Using Digital Processing Tools

“Magic, like Photoshop, can do just about anything… but you have to learn how to use it.”
― Clinton Boomer

Learning to use Adobe® Photoshop™ opened so many doors for my creativity.  The tools available within the program allow me to strengthen the processing of my single images as well as provide ways to easily combine images to create something new.

Join me for three one-on-one sessions in order to begin your journey with Adobe® Photoshop™.  You can choose to do all three sessions in one week or spread them over three weeks.  You will need time after each session to practice the material covered.

Prerequisites:  You should have some prior experience with processing digital image files.  You need to be able to access files from a given source, download the files to your computer, and locate those files on your computer for future use.

Course Materials Needed: 

  • computer capable of running the most recent version of Adobe® Photoshop™
  • the most recent version of Adobe® Photoshop™ downloaded on your computer
  • Zoom downloaded on your computer and a basic understanding of how to use Zoom technology

Course Format:  The material will be presented in three different sessions.   You will meet with Mary Presson Roberts for each session using Zoom technology.  Mary will demonstrate the content coursework she developed using her images to support each concept.  At the conclusion of each session, you will be supplied with sample image files and directions to practice the skills that were covered in that lesson.  Sessions two and three will begin with a discussion of independent practice.  Anything that needs to be revisited will be covered before presenting the new material.

Session One:  Introduction to Program and Tools

Session Two:  Layers and Masks

Session Three:  Blending Modes, Filters, and other creative uses

The length of each session will vary due to each student’s skill level and prior knowledge.  Please allow up to two hours for each session.


Workshop Fee:  $375.00


If you prefer to pay by check or have any questions, please contact Mary to make those arrangements.  You can reach her contact form here.



“Mary Presson Roberts is a very talented and creative photographer.  I stand in amazement and envy, of her photography, teaching, and Adobe Photoshop skills.  Mary and I have conducted many photography workshops together, both in the field and in the classroom.  The classroom workshops I remember best are when I taught Lightroom and Mary taught Photoshop.  I was blown away by how easy she made Photoshop seem.  It was not just what she was teaching but how she was explaining the ins and outs of Photoshop.  I found myself taking notes along with the students in the workshop.  Mary has helped me to become a more creative photographer through her Photoshop instructions.”

-Les Saucier, Photographer for 45 years, Professional Photographer Teacher for 30 years


“I recently took an introduction to photoshop course with Mary Roberts.  The things I learned in the course will make the processing of my photos so much easier AND will result in a higher quality result.  I’m so excited to move out of my Lightroom only processing phase and into this big new world of photoshop.  Mary does an excellent job at explaining even the most difficult concepts!  Her step by step examples were superb.  The homework helped me quickly practice the concepts and solidify how to get the results I want.  Deciding to take this course has been one of the best of the best decisions I’ve made!  After her course I was able to put together this quick collage of our Southeastern Guide Dogs Atlanta puppies to share with our Atlanta puppy raiser group!”

-Teri Smith


Cancellation Policy: There will be a $25 processing fee for cancellations made more than three weeks prior to the start of the workshop. No refunds will be given for cancellations made within seven days of the start of the workshop.   There will be a $15 rescheduling fee for any sessions rescheduled.  No refunds will be given for cancellations or no-shows after the start of the workshop.  If Mary Presson Roberts cancels the workshop for any reason,  registrants will receive a full registration refund. 


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