900 Days of School:  The Dollhouse (Composite 30)

900 Days of School: The Dollhouse (Composite 30)

“You can’t crawl back in the dollhouse–
You’ve gotten too
big to
get in.
You’ve got to live here
Like the rest of us do.
You’ve got to walk roads
That are winding and new.
But oh, I wish I could
Crawl back with you
Into the dollhouse again.”
― Shel Silverstein

The dollhouse has been in my classroom for years now.  It is a favorite choice for my students when we have indoor recess.  It has seen many hands and has lost a door and pieces of furniture along the way.  The lack of perfection doesn’t deter the students from selecting the dollhouse as a place to spend quality time.

I thought the dollhouse would be an important picture to include in my project 900 Days of School in which I 

Quick Trip to Asheville, NC

Quick Trip to Asheville, NC

“Every experience is a form of exploration.”
― Ansel Adams

Sometimes, after being home for a weekend or two at a time, I get the urge to be on the move.  I always enjoy a quick trip, even for just the day, looking for things to photograph.

I often view my photography like a scavenger hunt.  I don’t have real expectations, I just go with the intent to photograph.

This was the case at 5:00 in the morning this past Saturday.  I did have an idea of one image I wanted to make as my husband, Randy, and I packed our car with photography gear, our dog, and a picnic lunch including turkey sandwiches

Geese, Swans, and Bears…Oh My!

Geese, Swans, and Bears…Oh My!

What a wonderful trip my friends and I took last weekend to Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge!  We went hoping to see migrating birds.  We were thrilled to see snow geese, tundra swans, and bears while visiting the refuge.  Geese, swans, and bears…oh my!

The refuge is located near Columbia, NC and Plymouth, NC.  We stayed in Plymouth while visiting the refuge.  Prior to visiting Plymouth, I would recommend researching