Photographing in Downtown Charleston

Photographing in Downtown Charleston

“There is no city on Earth quite like Charleston. From the time I first came there in 1961, it’s held me in its enchanter’s power, the wordless articulation of its singularity, its withheld and magical beauty. Wandering through its streets can be dreamlike and otherworldly, its alleyways and shortcuts both fragrant and mysterious, yet as haunted as time turned in on itself.”
― Pat Conroy

Each time I go to photograph in Charleston, SC, I always make sure to save time to photograph 

Magnolia is Calling:  Part One

Magnolia is Calling: Part One

“The mountains are calling and I must go.”

-John Muir

I have always loved this quote from John Muir.  There is a place that seems to call to me, especially in the springtime.  That place is not the mountains.  The place that calls to me time and time again is



“The geometry of a peacock’s tail is more aerial: “The eyes in a peacock’s spread tail are situated at the intersecting point of a double cluster of spirals, that are apparently Archimedean spirals.”

― Gaston Bachelard

It just doesn’t feel like springtime to me until I get a chance to visit Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.  It is one of my favorite places on Earth.

For the past two weekends, I have

Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

“‘Cause you’ll be in my heart
Yes, you’ll be in my heart
From this day on
Now and forever more”

-Phil Collins


This past weekend I had the opportunity to try my hand at newborn photography.  It is a day I had been looking forward to for months.  One of my favorite coworkers,