Safe Opportunities

Safe Opportunities

As primarily a nature photographer, I enjoy being outdoors photographing.  Often the things I want to photograph require me to travel at odd hours of the day or night, hike to get to my subject matter, and be in isolated locations.

While this may seem ideal to many, for a female photographer, it can be less than optimal.

I would like to start by sharing a story.  One day, I saw an area of gorgeous wildflowers that were blooming along an off ramp on a busy stretch of highway.  The flowers stretched the entire way up this off ramp.  I had just gotten into “the zone” (happy place of creating with my camera) when another car pulled off not far from my vehicle.  At first, I didn’t think much of it.  A man got out of the vehicle and started making his way towards

South Carolina State Fair

Fun at the South Carolina State Fair

When autumn arrives, I know it is time to head to the carnivals and fairs.  I always make a point to head to the South Carolina State Fair in Columbia at least one day each year when it is in town.

The fair never disappoints with its wonderful array of subject matter.  There are colors and patterns at every turn.  I do try to challenge myself to try my hand at different subject matter each