“She believed she could, so she did.”
― R.S. Grey


A few weeks ago, I began making a list of goals or dreams in my planner.  It was a way to help me focus on the things I wanted to work towards in the new year.

In the past week, I have had two separate inspirations for creating a vision board.  First of all, Ron Clifford, an amazing photographer and educator, is encouraging photographers in his Facebook group to create vision boards.  His story of how creating a vision board changed his life simply could not be ignored.

Additionally, I have just started Sebastian Michael’s Awake:  Living the Photo Artistic Life.  Sebastian also encourages his students to create vision boards.

I didn’t need to wait for a vision board to fall on my head to realize that it would be a great thing for me to do.

So, last night, I began using my own images to create my vision board for 2018 and beyond.  I decided to share it here on my blog as sharing it will also help me work towards one of my personal goals for 2018.

I have become more and more interested in composite photography.  The definition of composite is a thing made up of several parts or elements.  I have decided that I will create and post, here on my blog, one composite a week for the 52 weeks of 2018.  My vision board will be my first composite posted this year.

Vision Board


The quote, included at the beginning of this post, is one that was on a bracelet my lifelong friend, Dena, gave me earlier this week.  I am wearing the bracelet as I type…

I am so excited about 2018.  What will you create?

Mary Presson Roberts
Mary Presson Roberts

I am a travel and fine art photographer living and working in the Carolinas. My camera has taken me to places I never would have experienced and to people I never would have met. Photography has truly changed my life! Using my blog, I hope to share the joys of both travel and photography.

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  1. So excited for you to embrace the challenge!!

    1. Mary Presson Roberts

      Thank you so much for the inspiration, Ron!

  2. Great idea Mary.

    1. Mary Presson Roberts

      Thank you very much, Dan! I was thrilled that others shared it with me!

  3. Wonderful, can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!

    1. Mary Presson Roberts

      Thank you, so much Lauri! I look forward to seeing where your camera takes you!

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