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“The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, not the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when you discover that someone else believes in you and is willing to trust you with a friendship.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

There are days in life that simply make life worth living.  One of the most special days in my life was the day my son married his high school sweetheart, now my daughter-in-law, Abi.  So many of the details of that wedding weekend are ingrained in my mind and imprinted on my heart.

This past weekend, I created more precious life memories as Randy and I were guests at the wedding of my childhood friend Dena’s son, Chase, and his beautiful new bride, Melissa.

The wedding was a destination wedding held in Aruba.  The scenery there was absolutely incredible.


I had some time during the weekend to photograph some of the scenery that makes Aruba such a popular destination for vacations and weddings.

Although I loved photographing the gorgeous surroundings, I most enjoyed capturing the memorable moments of those involved in and attending the wedding. Chase and Melissa’s family and friends shared so much joy throughout the weekend. Capturing some of that joy, laughter, and happy tears within the frames made the experience all the more gratifying.

I took more than fifteen hundred images over the weekend. I sent Dena two hundred and fifty “keepers” to share with family this morning.  I will let them share those photographs when they are ready.  I hope the pictures will help bring them back to the moments as they did for me as I processed them.

I saw random people not in our group at the resort glued to their cell phones several times during the weekend. They allowed their phones to distract them from what was important. I am so thankful for what photography has done for my life. Rather than distracting me from life, my photography allows me to be more present and to appreciate everything more.


                                                                                                                                                                     Many thanks to Delaney Costanzo for taking this picture of Dena and Me.

I am so incredibly grateful for my 49 years of friendship with Dena and being able to share the joys that life and our families have brought us through the years.

Wishing Chase and Melissa a lifetime of happiness!  I cannot wait to see the lives you create for yourselves!


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Mary Presson Roberts

I am a travel and fine art photographer living and working in the Carolinas. My camera has taken me to places I never would have experienced and to people I never would have met. Photography has truly changed my life! Using my blog, I hope to share the joys of both travel and photography.

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