Trying New Things:  BMX Event

Trying New Things: BMX Event

“The aim of every artist is to arrest motion, which is life, by artificial means and hold it fixed so that a hundred years later, when a stranger looks at it, it moves again since it is life.”
― William Faulkner

In March, while I was taking a class (more about that in a future post), I was inspired by one of my instructor’s images to

Caged:  Back to the Zoo

Caged: Back to the Zoo

“My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport.”
– Steve McCurry

I took a bit of a break from working on my series, Caged.  In this series, I am creating images at the Riverbanks Zoo located in Columbia, SC.

If you have ever visited Columbia, SC in the summer,

Meet Me at the Rocket

Meet Me at the Rocket

“Cotton candy is a bouquet of color to the eyes, a sweet aroma to the nose, and a delightful pleasure to the palate”.”
― Reed Abbitt Moore

One of the things I missed most last fall was

Caged:  My Next Personal Photography Project

Caged: My Next Personal Photography Project

“Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah…it makes absolutely no difference what people think of you.”
― Rumi

January 1, 2021 not only ended an extremely fulfilling career in education, but also my personal photography project to create photographs everyday at work for the final years of my career.  I worked on this project for three and a half years.  Closing the chapters on both the career and the project

Van Gogh Exhibit

Van Gogh Exhibit

“I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.”
― Vincent van Gogh

An exciting exhibit, Van Gogh and His Inspirations, opened earlier this month at the Columbia Museum of Art.  My mother learned that the exhibit was coming and encouraged me to go.

For years, my mother and I have

Pearl Fryar’s Topiary Garden

Pearl Fryar’s Topiary Garden

“One of my main objectives was to have something different than everyone else. Not necessarily better, but different, unique.” – Pearl Fryar

One of the things I enjoy most is finding people who are living creative lives.  A creative life was evident everywhere I looked yesterday while visiting the Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden, located in Bishopville, South Carolina.  This was not my first visit to 

Fun at the Fair

Fun at the Fair

“You loved ferris wheels more than roller coasters because life shouldn’t be lived at full speed,  but in anticipation and appreciation.”

-Amy Harmon

Each fall I enjoy visiting the fairs to photograph.  There is so much to photograph at the fair.  Colors, shapes, textures, and