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School’s Out for Summer!

“No more pencils no more books”

-Alice Cooper

Yesterday was the last day of the 2015-2016 school year for my students.  Today is my last day of work before summer vacation.  This is the end of my twenty-ninth year teaching young people in public schools.

Each school year seems to pass more quickly

than the one before.  This school year seems to have gone by in a blink.

The end of the school year always brings mixed emotions.  Each year, I grow so attached to the students that I teach.  It is difficult to say good-bye to them at the end of the school year.

The last days are filled with joy and tradition.  At our school, we have a traditional field day.  It is called Red and Blue Day.  Different grade levels participate in this wonderful event on different days of the last week of school.

It is a tradition, at my school, that all of the teachers line up on the sidewalk to wave good-bye to the students as the buses leave the bus parking lot for the last day of the school year.

While sad to see my students go, I know that they are off to summer adventures.

Summer allows me more unstructured time to pursue time with family, friends, travel, and photography!  Happy Summer!

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Mary Presson Roberts

I am a travel and fine art photographer living and working in the Carolinas. My camera has taken me to places I never would have experienced and to people I never would have met. Photography has truly changed my life! Using my blog, I hope to share the joys of both travel and photography.

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