Ever since one of my good friends posted photographs he took in The Channels Natural Area Preserve, I knew it was a place that I would have to visit.  It was unlike any other place I had seen.

My dream to visit the Channels

located in Abingdon, Virginia, became a reality this past weekend.  My husband, Randy, took me to The Channels for my birthday trip.

The weather conditions were absolutely perfect Saturday for our hike.  The temperatures were cool, but not too cold.  There was a cloud cover for most of the time we were hiking.  I was hoping to have cloud cover so that the scenes I chose to photograph would be evenly lit.

The hike was long, but not as strenuous as others I have taken.  The hike to The Channels from the parking area is about three miles.  These miles are all going up.  Much of the hiking is on a gravel, then dirt road.  There aren’t too many hazards along the way.  It just seems that you may never reach the top once you get started.

I took a picture of my health data on my phone once we got back to the car.

The 6.5 miles includes the hike round trip and steps taken while I was actually photographing in The Channels.

When you reach a dilapidated structure and an old fire tower, you know that you are close.

Fire Tower

Once you finally reach the channels themselves, you will not be disappointed that you made the hike.  There are images at every turn.


Randy in Red

The details and colors of the rocks were amazing.  The diffused light coming in created perfect conditions to photograph.


Another Passage


A Closer Look

I always enjoy taking a closer look at whatever is holding my attention.


A Magical World

While we were there, we commented on what a wonderful place this would be to play hide-and-seek as a child.  We did see a scout group and several groups with children while we were there.

I could have stayed there all day photographing.  I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to The Channels.  I hope it will not be my last.

If you choose to go, it is well worth the 16, 842 steps!

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