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Chincoteague, Virginia

This summer, we asked our son, Jeremy, where he would like to go to spend  his summer vacation.  Of all of the places we have visited in the past, he chose

Chincoteague, Virginia.  We were thrilled to have a chance to go back to this special place to spend our vacation.
Assateague Sunrise
Great Light

Chincoteague is a wonderful place for a family vacation.  Families visiting Chincoteague enjoy nature, riding mopeds through the town, spending time on the beach, participating in water sports such as kayaking, lining up at one of two favorite spots in the evenings to purchase ice cream, and eating at restaurants or at elaborate, full-time food trucks.
Morning at the Beach

At the top of the list of things that families enjoy doing while visiting Chincoteague, is seeing the wild ponies.
Wild Ponies

There are several ways visitors can get a chance to see the ponies.

As we drove onto Assateague Island this time, we were able to view the ponies from the road.  This is not often the case from our past experiences.

On our second day of our stay, we took the pony bus tour.  This needs to be booked in advance as it fills up quickly.  We called the first day of our stay and were fortunate to get the last seats on the only tour they had any availability left.  In past years, while on the bus tour, photographers could open small windows at the top of the bus to photograph out of the windows.  This year, we rode in a newer bus.  There were no window openings to shoot through.  I had to shoot through the glass other than the one time the driver stopped in order to let us out to get some photographs of the ponies.
Ponies from Bus Tour

We also took a boat ride to look for ponies one evening.  Although we had a very enjoyable boat ride and did see the ponies, they were too far way to get a decent photograph.

By far, the best way we were able to see the ponies this time was during a guided kayak trip.  We were taken to an area that we were able to be within yards of the ponies to observe them.
Kayak Trip
On the Move

Whether viewing the ponies from car, bus, boat, or kayak, you will be sure to enjoy these magnificent creatures.

Chincoteague is an amazing place that has much to offer family members of all ages.

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