“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”
― Marcus Tullius Cicero

One of my goals for my summer break is to begin using gear that I have purchased over the years but not taken the time to truly learn how to use.  The first items I have started exploring their full potential are my 

extension tubes.   I just never really took the time to learn how to use them before.  For the past three photography outings, I have shot everything using my extension tubes.  They have helped me discover a whole, new world and have brought a great deal of excitement to my discovery.

Yesterday I used my extension tubes at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden.   I am fortunate because I can drive to Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden in less than thirty minutes.  There are always wonderful things to photograph there.

The extension tubes allow me to get a closer look at the subjects I am photographing.

Plants and flowers begin to look like other things when using extension tubes.  I kept thinking of an ocean wave as I captured this curve.

I always enjoy seeing the details of flowers.  The bright colors of this flower are what drew my attention.

Sometimes, when using the extension tubes, I am surprised by the details I am able to capture.  I did not see the wonderful details of my find in this image until I uploaded it onto my computer.  I named this image Imperfection.  This little guy is beautiful even with his imperfection.

My final image of the day was one of my favorite flower, the hydrangea.  I was able to get a really close shot of one of the hydrangea plants growing in the garden.

After just three days using my extension tubes, I have learned how to add them to my photography tool box.  From now on I will be sure to take them along regularly so that I may take a closer look at many of my subjects.

I invite you to go through your camera bags and use an item that you have not used as often as you would like to as you photograph this weekend!

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