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Different Perspective of a Familiar Place

“Dream your own dreams, achieve your own goals. Your journey is your own and unique.”
― Roy T. Bennett

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens beckoned for me to visit Saturday for a third consecutive weekend.  Magnolia is a place I am drawn to in the spring just a magnet is drawn to things made of iron, nickel, and cobalt.

Each time I visit the gardens, I seek a composition that I have not made before.  Photographers from near and far will wander these magnificent gardens, seeking their interpretation of what she has to offer, throughout the week this week since the azaleas are at their peak bloom.

Saturday, for the third consecutive weekend, I was able to spend a few hours looking for something new (to me) to photograph in these lovely gardens.

At the end of my stay, I found something new.

Magnolia Reflections

As I was taking this photograph, a few people walked past me.  They presented curious glances as I was standing next to a car in the parking lot, camera set up on my tripod, photographing.

Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending the seminar, Photography as Art, by Art Wolfe.  The seminar was held in Raleigh, NC.  Art’s inspiring seminar encouraged me to continue to look for unique perspectives of my favorite places.

If you live in or near the following cities, you won’t want to miss Art’s seminar in these locations:

Tampa, May 20
Montreal, June 2
New York, June 3
Philadelphia, June 9
Pittsburgh, June 10

If you have the opportunity to go to Art’s seminar, I am sure you will leave as inspired and energized as I and all of the participants of yesterday’s event did.

I will continue to look for unique perspectives of the locations I visit frequently.  I hope you will spend your spring doing the same!

Make today the start of a creative and colorful week!


Mary Presson Roberts

I am a travel and fine art photographer living and working in the Carolinas. My camera has taken me to places I never would have experienced and to people I never would have met. Photography has truly changed my life! Using my blog, I hope to share the joys of both travel and photography.


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