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Rally in Raleigh

“Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops.”

-Henry Brooks Adams

There are days in your life…and there are extraordinary days in your life.  Yesterday, May 16, 2018 was an extraordinary day in my life.

I just learned, in the last week or so, about  the Educators’ Rally in Raleigh, NC.  Several days after first hearing about the rally, I found out that Wednesday, May 16,  would be an optional teacher workday in my school district rather than a regular school day.  I am so appreciative that the decision was made to make it an optional teacher workday which allowed me and many others to attend the rally in Raleigh.  According to some sources, approximately 30,000 people were in attendance.

The day began with a March for Students to the Legislative Building.

The Beginning

Participants made signs to voice their concerns.  Teachers have years of experience making posters.  Some were very creative.


Hear Our Voices
Read and Think About It
I’d Rather Be Teaching
Brown Bear
Students First? Teachers Last?
Introverts Unite



Her Voice
Hear Us!

The energy of the entire day was one of joy and unity.  It was a chance for educators from all parts of the state to share in a common voice.

Librarians Shouting

Some of the signs were so humorous to educators.  Perhaps not all would get their meanings.  I found myself laughing aloud at many.

Clever reference to children’s’ literature
Being Heard

I arrived in Raleigh, NC shortly after 8:00 a.m.  I left in the late afternoon.  What I discovered throughout the day was a sea of red-clad people who I will forever admire for taking the steps to share their concerns.  I admire them for choosing a profession to nurture, care for, and educate our treasures, our future, the children of North Carolina.







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