“If you can find a way to add some adventure to a mundane daily commute, I suggest you do that. Life is too short, my friends.”
― Robert Hurst

At least an hour of each of my working days is spent commuting.  If I am traveling at a time when there isn’t heavy traffic, I can drive from my home in South Carolina to my school in 

North Carolina in about a half an hour.  Since I work in Charlotte, North Carolina, traffic can become quite congested, adding considerable time to my commute.

Since I begin receiving students in my classroom at 7:15 a.m., most days of the year I arrive at work when it is still dark outside.

Parking Lot Lights

There are lights to greet me each morning whether they are artificial or natural light.

Full Moon

There are times when the full moon is absolutely stunning as it shimmers just beyond our building.

One morning, a scene in a building I pass each day at the middle school that shares our parking lot caught my eye.  I decided to take a picture of what I saw as I entered the parking lot each day as my picture for that day.

Just Passing By

Leaving my home just ten minutes later can result in experiencing extremely heavy traffic near my school.  I arrive at work at the same time that the neighboring high school students make their way to school.  This can cause heavy traffic jams, particularly on rainy days.

Rain and Traffic

The next time you are commuting to work, take the time to really see the things you pass on your way.

I spent my first two years of my teaching career teaching on Edisto Island, South Carolina.  My commute from West Ashley was an hour each way.  I certainly wish I had taken a picture a day of that extraordinarily beautiful commute.  Those images will just remain in my memories.

There are images everywhere.  I am thankful for this project which is helping me really see and experience things fully each day.


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  1. Avatar

    I really enjoy following you on your school project! Brings back memories of my time spent with you as your next door neighbor at school! Makes me smile! 😁😀☺

    1. Mary Presson Roberts

      Frances, I am so happy to hear that this makes you smile! I have such wonderful memories of our time spent together!

  2. Avatar

    Sometimes the most powerful images are an exposé of the mundane.
    Photography is a strange endeavor bringing a very personal, even intimate perspective of one artist’s vision to a diverse public, placing the photographer somewhere between a hermit and a performer. You bridge that chasm well.

    1. Mary Presson Roberts

      Thank you, Tom, for your extremely kind words!

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