“Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify.”
― Henry David Thoreau, Walden and Other Writings

My last post, Camping on Capers Island, SC, gave background and details about my recent primitive camping trip with great friends.  If you missed it, you can read that post by clicking on the orange link.  With my post, I included images that gave an overall impression of the landscape of Capers Island.

What I find, as a photographer, that I really enjoy after taking in the landscape as a whole, is focusing closer to simplify details of the landscape.  I find that some of my favorite images are these more intimate looks at the landscape.

As an example, the second image here is just a closer look at one of the images I included in the first story.


End of the Day



I was so intrigued by the ripples in the sand during my stay.  I wanted to be sure to capture them.


Sand Ripples

Since it is almost Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t resist taking a photograph of this heart-shaped wood.  I used an FLW filter to add the pink cast to the scene while photographing.  I was first introduced to the FLW filter when I took a workshop with the very talented and creative Bryan Peterson.


Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Once I was home, I couldn’t resist putting two images together to make one.  So, I took an image of our camp scene and combined it with a detail shot in order to create this framed image to remind me of the weekend.

Camping Memory Framed

The next time you photograph landscapes, be sure to look to simplify the details that make up the scene that catch your attention.

Click here to see all images that are in my Capers Island Gallery.

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