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Week Five Composite: Where’s My Home?

“I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being.”
― Abraham Lincoln

I currently live in the neighborhood that I moved into when I was ten years old.  When we moved into our neighborhood, many years ago, we were out “in the middle of nowhere”.  We had to drive twenty minutes in order to purchase groceries.  There was a sign on the main road that directed traffic to our neighborhood.  It was illuminated, in the evenings.  If the light on the sign was not functioning properly, it was easy to just drive right past the entrance to the neighborhood.

The area, today, is unrecognizable from the place I knew when I was younger.  There are two Dunkin Donuts within three miles of each other.  Everywhere you look, there are shopping plazas, fast food establishments, houses, townhouses, apartments, day care centers, and retirement communities being constructed.  It seems I cannot drive out of my neighborhood without passing an area that has been clearcut of all trees.

It simply makes my heart hurt.  At what point is it all too much?

Where’s My Home?

I do wonder what happens to all of the animals who made their homes in that wooded area.  We are quickly running out of wooded areas.

I miss them.  Do you?



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Mary Presson Roberts

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