“Photography helps people to see.”
― Berenice Abbott

Whenever I visit a place where I spend a lot of time photographing, I try to slow down in order  to really see what is presenting itself to be seen.  Such was the case during my most recent trips to Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.

I was trying to capture something in the gardens that I had not already captured.  Since I have spent so many spring days at the gardens, this became more challenging with each visit.

I decided to focus on the reflections of the garden.

While looking for a composition near one of the most frequently photographed bridges, I found this incredible reflection of the azaleas.

Near the Bridge

During the days with no or little wind, I was much more successful in finding reflections around water’s edge.

By Water’s Edge

Some reflections capture your attention more than others.  It was after I really slowed down that I saw this.

What’s Inside?

If you look closely in the water, you will see the colors of the flowers dancing by.

Dancing Flowers

Sometimes the unexpected happens when photographing reflections.  I focused on the reflected colors of wisteria and azaleas in the old glass windows of the plantation house, when someone walked into my frame.

Just Passing By

This person’s presence made a much better image than without his presence.

The next time you are in a location, be sure to watch all reflective surfaces to see what you can discover.

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  1. Oh my!!!! I love these!!! My favorite is the house reflected but the person is really cool. They are all cool. I so enjoyed these.

  2. Love to photograph reflections Mary and these are beautiful.

  3. Thank you, Mary for sharing the beauty! Your reflections are exquisite! Have been to MGP many times but never noticed the reflections-I will next time!

    1. Thank you for your extremely kind words, Ron!

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