“Except for memory, time would have no meaning at all.”
― Pat Conroy

I have so many memories tied to Battery Park and White Point Gardens, located in Charleston, SC.

My first memory of this wonderful area began in Jr. High School when I encountered the park for the first time.  I was accompanying a family so that I could watch their young children throughout the trip.  Since that first visit, I have created many lasting and personal memories at Battery Park and White Point Gardens.

One of the reasons that I am drawn to Charleston time and time again, is that some things remain unchanged.  Going to visit is like taking a time machine back into my younger days.

Do you have change?

I remember, vividly, making an important call from this very payphone back in 1989, while I was living in Charleston.

Each time I visit the Battery, I attempt to create an image of the beautiful gazebo there.  Typically, at the time of day when my friends and I visited, there are tourists and locals all over.  This weekend’s weather was keeping people comfortably tucked in their homes.  This allowed us opportunities to photograph without people in our shots.

Walking Path

I was so excited to see three bicycles propped up while their riders explored elsewhere.  Once my friends and I got closer, the possibility of capturing the reflection due to the recent rain made the possibilities for photographing this scene even more intriguing.  My friends were so kind as to watch for oncoming traffic as I got all the way on the ground to photograph this scene.  Both of my friends took pictures of me in that awkward and highly unflattering position.  Luckily, I will only share with you what I was able to capture and not how I captured it.

Go for a Ride

A carriage pulled over for a short while waiting for customers.

Carriage Ride

Someone had left flowers at the park.



I am so thankful that my friends and I ventured out between the rain this weekend to explore Battery Park and White Point Gardens!


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  1. Avatar

    Charleston has been one of our favorite spots for many years! Love the photos! Great job Mary! ❤

    1. Mary Presson Roberts

      Thank you, Frances! We tend to like the same spots:)!

  2. Avatar

    Wonderful colorful reflections on the pay phone.

    1. Mary Presson Roberts

      Thank you, Tom!

  3. Avatar

    These are wonderful Mary! The pictures of the Gazebo and surrounding trees without tourists milling about are especially nice!

    1. Mary Presson Roberts

      Thank you, so much, David! It was a rare opportunity!

  4. Avatar

    One of your photographer friends posted this event on FB and asked that we check out your blog. It was how impressed your friend is with your talent that happily brought me to your blog. Now, I too am impressed with your talent. Excellent trip! Jan

    1. Mary Presson Roberts

      Thank you, so much, Jan, for your very kind words!

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